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Temporary Dumpster Rental in Miami, FL
What Size Dumpster Do You Require?

Discover our versatile dumpster services, designed for your needs. From commercial to residential, our range includes commercial dumpsters, construction dumpster rentals, roll-off dumpsters, trash dumpster rentals, and more. We offer residential dumpsters, demolition bins, concrete dumpsters, and construction trash bins. Count on us for efficient waste management on construction sites.









How To Rent a Dumpster in Miami?

Contact with USA Dumpster rental company through phone, or click on Contact Us.

USA Dumpster offer dumpsters in various sizes to suit different needs. Common sizes range from 10 to 40 cubic yards.

Once the customer has selected the appropriate dumpster size and finalized the rental agreement, the company will schedule a delivery date and time to drop off the dumpster at the specified location.

After the rental period expires or when the customer has finished using the dumpster, they can contact the rental service to schedule a pick-up. The company will then come to collect the dumpster.

Miami Dumpster Rental

Solution #1 to Your Junk & Debris Removal Needs

USA Dumpster Dumpster specializes in construction debris removal and recycling for commercial and residential industries. Examples of construction debris include household waste, demolition debris, contaminated dirt and recyclables such as yard waste, tires, concrete, wood, scrap metal and cardboard. Such debris are the kinds that can all be disposed of in one of our dumpsters.

Whether a Condominium, Restaurant, Gas Station, Office Building, Shopping Plaza or small office we can provide the most efficient and customized service. The variety in dumpster sizes that we offer allows you to determine which size works best for your project. Our licensed and professional drivers will deliver each dumpster and place it exactly where it is needed to allow work flow and efficiency on each job site.

Dumpster Rental Miami

“Our Experience Is Your Best Guarantee”

Easy Ordering

Affordable & Reliable

Clear Affordable Prices

Friendly Reliable Service

One time delivery and pickups

Wide selection of dumpster

We are USA Dumpster, the ideal service throughout South Florida, to acquire open garbage and garbage containers.

Affordable Dumpster Service, Get Quotes in Minutes, High Quality Service, Fast Response, 10+ Years Experience. Book your junk removal appointment today!

We have extensive experience and guaranteed customer service, which makes us pioneers and with excellent rates. We adapt to your needs, according to the type of garbage container you request.

We have garbage removal and removal services. Get easy and fast at USA Dumpster Services & Recycling, finding quality service and without intermediaries. The service value of a dumpster includes collection, delivery, high tonnage capacity, and disposal for the landfill.

Call now USA Dumpster Dumpster, We are professionals in providing service of containers, ready to assist you, with our licensed drivers. Specialized in collecting construction debris, recycling, cardboard household waste, scrap metal.

USA Dumpster offers «Affordable & Reliable» solutions for dumpster service needs. With a strong commitment to cost-effectiveness, We provide competitive and transparent pricing. Customizable options cater to diverse budgets and project requirements, offering flexibility to clients.

Dependability is a core value of USA Dumpster, backed by prompt and efficient service delivery. Their trained and professional team ensures safe and compliant waste management, adhering to industry regulations. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, with a focus on exceeding expectations and providing personalized support.

USA Dumpster’s dedication to resource management ensures optimal efficiency while maintaining service quality. They embrace an eco-friendly approach, prioritizing recycling and responsible waste disposal. Clients can rely on licensed drivers for safe and reliable dumpster services, including collection, delivery, and high tonnage capacity.

USA Dumpster stands out as a trusted partner, offering cost-effective and dependable services that prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. USA Dumpster provides reliable solutions tailored to meet individual needs.

USA Dumpster sets itself apart in the waste management industry by providing «Clear Affordable Prices» for dumpster services in South Florida. Our commitment to transparency is evident in our straightforward and itemized pricing, ensuring no hidden fees or surprises for customers. With competitive rates, USA Dumpster offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on service quality, making their services accessible to a wide range of budgets.

Recognizing that each project has unique needs, USA Dumpster offers different options, allowing clients to select services tailored to their requirements. This services approach maximizes cost efficiency, ensuring clients pay only for the services they need. When choosing USA Dumpster, clients can trust that their pricing promises translate into action, delivering reliable and no-nonsense service as agreed upon.

USA Dumpster’s dedication to «Clear Affordable Prices» guarantees transparency, cost-effectiveness, and dependable service. Their commitment to meeting customer needs with honest pricing makes them a trusted choice for those seeking efficient and budget-friendly waste management solutions in South Florida.

Experience the ease of waste disposal with USA Dumpster, where friendly and reliable service is our promise. As your trusted waste management partner, we prioritize customer satisfaction and make the process seamless from start to finish.

Our team is dedicated to providing a friendly approach, always ready to assist you with a smile. From answering your inquiries to accommodating your specific needs, we ensure a pleasant experience throughout.

Reliability is at the core of our services. Count on USA Dumpster to deliver on time and handle waste removal efficiently. With years of experience, our professionals ensure a hassle-free waste management process, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Choose USA Dumpster for a truly friendly and reliable waste management service in South Florida. Let us take care of your waste disposal needs, and together, we’ll keep our community clean and green.

At USA Dumpster, we pride ourselves on providing on-time delivery and pickups as part of our commitment to exceptional waste management services. Our punctuality sets us apart as a reliable and dependable partner for all your waste disposal needs.

When you schedule a dumpster delivery with us, you can rest assured that we will be there exactly as promised. We understand the importance of time-sensitive projects, and our team works diligently to ensure timely delivery of your chosen dumpster, tailored to your schedule.

Equally important is our dedication to prompt pickups. Once your project is complete or the dumpster is filled, our team will swiftly collect it, preventing any unnecessary delays or inconvenience. We value your time and strive to maintain a seamless waste removal process from start to finish.

With USA Dumpster, you can trust that our on-time delivery and pickups will support your project’s efficiency and help you stay on track. Experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a waste management partner that values punctuality as much as you do.

When it comes to waste management solutions, USA Dumpster takes pride in providing a diverse range of dumpster sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every project. Our commitment to offering a wide selection of dumpster sizes sets us apart as a versatile and accommodating service provider.

Whether you’re tackling a small residential cleanup, a large construction project, or anything in between, we have the right dumpster size to meet your specific requirements. Our range includes various dimensions and capacities, allowing you to choose the most suitable option based on the amount of waste you need to dispose of.

At USA Dumpster, we understand that waste management needs can vary widely, and that’s why we offer a wide selection of dumpster sizes. With us, you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect dumpster to efficiently handle your waste, making your cleanup or project a smooth and stress-free experience.


We are proud to have provided services to some of the world’s best known companies.

What Our Customers Have To Say
Reviews For Roll Off Dumpster Rental Near Your Area
- Shannon Olgeirsson -

The service was such an easy process and the cost was so affordable compared to other companies. The staff was helpful and courteous. This company is a great find. They did everything they promised and they are reasonably priced. How unusual. I highly recommend them.

- Rachel blatchford -

Great Low Prices. Very easy to schedule to have it delivered and to have it picked up and the cost is very reasonable. Will definitely be using them again and I even told my neighbors about them. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs junk removed in the Greater Miami area. Great experience!

- Timothy Adanson -

Usa Dumpster Service offers the lowest cost roll-off dumpster services to contractors, home owners and businesses in Miami-Dade County Florida. Upfront Honest Approach. The dumpster was placed right where we asked. The employee on the phone was knowledgeable and professional. This company was super helpful!

- Daisy Walker -

I had a great experience with USA Dumpster Service, and after researching it, found them to have the cheapest prices in our area. Great Deals, Flat Rate Pricing. Variety of Sizes. Free Delivery & Pick Up. Types: 10, 20, 30, 40, Yard Dumpsters. Great company, will definitely use again in the future!!!

- Nelson Garrelson -

Affordable dumpster service Miami-Florida. Experience was good. Affordable prices with good product. Staff were friendly, and scheduling for drop off and pick up was easy. I called late in the evening and was still able to get a dumpster delivered for the following day. I would recommend, and will use their service again.

- Aiden Smith -

The dumpster was placed right where we asked. The employee on the phone was professional. This company was super helpful!

- Jayden Miller -

We get a dumpster for a community service day, USA Dumpster Service got it to us and we filled it up. I definitely recommend this dumpster company. They have a flat rate and the customer service is wonderful. Thanks alot for the fair price!

- Olivia Wilson -

The person dropping off and picking up was very friendly and helpful. Called for pickup and they came that day. As for the price it was cheaper to use this company than other ones in the area. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a dumpster.

- James Taylor -

I had a great experience with USA Dumpster Service, Inc, and after researching it, found them to have the cheapest prices in our area. The staff were all very professional and easy to work with.

- Freddie Walker -

USA Dumpster Service makes it simple to find reliable and affordable dumpster service solutions in Miami-Dade, FL. Affordable Pricing. Ordering by phone was easy. Picked up when asked. Dumpster was in great condition. I would recommend.

- Brad Mayer -

Miami-Dade's #1 Choice for 4 + Years. An Awesome Service Experience from a great company. Flat Rate And No Hidden Fees. Low Cost and Fast. I'm a repeat customer

- Emanuel Cooper -

This was my second time using USA dumpster service, and it went exactly as it should have. Honest price, clear terms and all goes as the website and the representative state. Dependable service, no issues, no surprises. The Best Dumpsters in Miami-Fl

4.85 out of 5 based on 43 reviews
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